Tiny house bathroom, kitchen removed, back window cut out…

It’s getting colder in Colorado. We’ve cut the bathroom toilet out, annihilating the shower/tub in the process.


The bathroom is out in one piece, pipes and all. The toilet will be thrown away; that throne’s time has come. The oven will be refurbished because it’s a cut little size, although Marcus is considering a potbellied stove for heating.

Oven, toilet and piping

The kitchen sink will also be refurbished, and the copper pipes are in good nick, so they’ll be staying, too.

The kitchen sink of the tiny house

And the back window’s been removed, carefully, because Marcus hasn’t decided whether he’ll keep it and place it back into the new tiny house. The timber frame it’s built around is still good.

The space where the window wasAnd the window

The back window



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